Film making is our passion! That's why we are excited that for almost two decades, our film and television productions have thrilled people of all ages all over the world.

    Stefan Beiten and Nikolaus Weil, Managing Directors of Greenlight Media GmbH

    Headquartered in Berlin, we develop, produce, distribute and market high-quality film and television productions for an international audience. Our portfolio includes a broad spectrum of widely acclaimed documentaries, family entertainment films and TV brands. We are particular proud of our team and partners. Without their suburb ideas, professional work and experience, well-thought-out marketing strategies and commitment, our co-productions would never have been as successful as they are today.

    Since our company was founded in the year 1993 in Munich, we have continuously grown our base experience and skills in successfully producing brand entertainment for all generations. Even after 15 years on the air, our children's animated series SimsalaGrimm continues to be one of Germany's most successful children’s series and Germany's number one exported TV show for children to date.

    We received worldwide recognition in 2004 when we formed a joint venture with BBC aimed towards bringing BBC’S capacity to create unique documentaries to movie theaters. This joint venture highlighted the beginning of a worldwide boom for natural history film projects.

    Our first co-production with BBC Worldwide was the box office hit Deep Blue, which generated a total box office result of more than US $ 50 million, became one of the most successful German feature-length documentaries worldwide outside the German market. This film finally reinforced the marketplace for major feature-length documentaries.

    Our next co-production, Earth, even exceeded the success of Deep Blue. The feature-length documentary about the beauty of our Earth became the most successful feature-length documentary worldwide, with total movie box office receipts of US $ 130 million. The U.S. version of Earth was the first German natural history film to be released in movie theaters in the U.S. by Walt Disney Corporation since 30 years. Box office receipts for Earth in the U.S. alone totaled US $ 30 million. With Earth as the flagship production, Disney also launched its new label "Disney Nature"

    We do not rest on our laurels but continue to invest extensively into the creation of new projects. We are currently in the process of developing new film projects in the 3-D space and documentaries. We are also in the process of acquiring high potential book rights.

    In a world with increasing economic, sociopolitical and ecological challenges, we are also increasing our support for non-profit and social responsibility projects of major significance. For example, Greenlight Media is proud to support projects promoting peace initiatives in the embattled Middle East, such as B'tselem (information center for human rights) or Cinema for Jenin (integration in the occupied territories).

    It is the firm belief of the founders of Greenlight Media that valuable media content can provide more than just good entertainment. Media can help translate important messages to a broad audience through a deeply emotional and immersing experience.


  • Nikolaus Weil


    „We make the impossible possible.“ 

    Nikolaus Weil, Managing Director of Greenlight Media GmbH

    As son of a German diplomat Nikolaus Weil was raised and educated in the US, Germany, Brazil, Ghana and Myanmar. After graduating from High School, he studied law in Freiburg, Munich and New York. Following law school Nikolaus Weil began a career as an attorney in structured financing and media. Subsequent to his work as an attorney he moved on to numerous positions as an executive and entrepreneur in businesses ranging from entertainment, mobile telecommunications, alternative asset management to private equity. Based on his extensive experience as a professional Nikolaus Weil has developed a diverse set of skills and an overarching understanding of media and capital markets. Nikolaus Weil has been involved in the management and creation of companies with an aggregate of US$ 1 billion of assets under management. Today Nikolaus is based in the vibrant German capital Berlin, home of many cutting edge media and internet companies.

    As one of the founders of Greenlight Media AG and an Executive Producer Nikolaus Weil was involved in worldwide acclaimed theatrical and TV productions such as Earth, Deep Blue, Happily N’ever After, SimmsalaGrimm, The Great Match, Funky Cops, Mission Odyssey, Armani – A Man for all Seasons and Mystery of Nature. In his capacity as an Executive Producer he has worked together with the likes of BBC and Disney in their effort to establish a foothold in the theatrical documentary space. His productions have grossed a total in excess of USD 400 million.

    Given his international background and father’s history as the family’s only survivor of the holocaust, Nikolaus Weil has always felt a strong affinity to international matters of human rights, integration of minorities and sustainability. He supports initiatives such as B’thelem (Israel Documentation Center for Human Rights) and Cinema for Jenin (Initiative in West Gaza). The film Earth was awarded the Cinema For Peace Green Film Award in 2008.


  • Stefan Beiten


    „We want to give viewers of our films an experience that amazes them, that makes them smile, that provides them with entertainment at the highest level.“ 

    Stefan Beiten, Managing Director of Greenlight Media GmbH

    Stefan Beiten studied law in Munich, Berlin and California. After 10 years of international experience holding various positions in the film, film financing and media industries, Stefan Beiten founded Greenlight Media AG in Munich in 1993, and since then has been responsible for the strategic direction of the company and its co-productions.

    Stefan Beiten is a producer of various international co-productions involving TV shows and feature films, including the award-winning BBC feature-length documentaries Deep Blue and Earth. His portfolio also includes the animation hits SimsalaGrimm, Funky Cops and Quest for a Heart, as well as the live action co-production The Great Match. In addition, he has been involved in the development and production of more than 150 episodes of various animated series for children.


On this page you will find selected corporate announcements by Greenlight Media, media reports about our company and projects, as well as relevant industry news we would like to share with you.

Greenlight Media commences development on an international epic feature project “The Century Travler”.

03/06/2016 - 12:45

The film is based on a true story of a young teenage German Jew named Henry Weiss and his journey during the 20th century as the only survivor of his family during the holocaust. Pursuing his life journey he finds refuge in England, is initially arrested with all German aliens and then joins the British Armed Forces to return to Europe on D- Day. In times of threat, fear and deep despair Henry find that his only way to survive is to capitalize his passion and skill for writing, reading, learning. Through a sequence of strange historic coincidences Henry returns to his native country Germany to become one of its top diplomats, but never forgetting what had happened to his family. For him it is the only way to find inner peace and forgiveness. Against the backdrop of recent global refugee challenges, “The Century Travler” stages refugee issues from a very different perspective, but nonetheless maintains its political relevance.

The project is scheduled to be shot on location in Berlin, London, Isle of Man and Northern France as a German-UK co-production.

Greenlight Media GmbH 20th Anniversary

10/24/2013 - 12:15

Interview with Greenlight Media managing directors Nikolaus Weil and Stefan Beiten

Greenlight Media turned 20 years old this year. How would you describe, in one word, how you feel about this event?

Nikolaus Weil: Most of all gratitude! I am grateful that I had a chance to experience so much excitement and diversity. I am grateful that I had a chance to be part of such a successful story of wonderful projects, a story that also provided me with many challenges as well as "ups and downs."

Could you briefly describe the vision you had when you founded Greenlight Media and how much of this vision has become reality today?

Stefan Beiten: In a media industry that is becoming ever more dynamic and professionalized, it has always been our business objective to occupy the critical intersection between creative content, marketing and financing.

Since its launch Greenlight has leveraged its position as an executive producer and packing entity. Its business model encompasses economic and organizational responsibility to create sustainable value for each project. The business model and focus has clearly been influenced by personal and professional experience of its owners and management as media and structured finance professionals with strong affinity to creative affairs. Greenlight Media’s continuous success has confirmed the prudence of its positioning in the market.

At the beginning, did you focus on any particular genres or projects?

Stefan Beiten: It is important to us that projects we plan meet certain criteria and risk-reward profiles. It was clear to us from day one that we would neither mass-produce films nor have a budget of €500 million per film, but rather would be highly selective in choosing our projects. What matters to us are high-quality material, long-term lifecycles, manageable production risks and budgets, and, of course, reliable partners, such as BBC and other major players.

Against this background, our content focus on family entertainment, in particular feature-length documentaries, probably was no accident. The development of the market for feature-length documentaries in recent years shows that, once again, we were correct. The many new and successful projects in this segment confirm the enduring nature of the success and continued viewer interest. On the basis of Earth, Disney introduced an entirely new label (Disney Nature). Even today, it is still the most successful feature-length documentary project by BBC. Deep Blue and Earth generated more than US$ 500 million in gross revenues worldwide. This tells you something!

What were your personal highlights in the last 20 years?

Nikolaus Weil: I am still excited when I recall the initial release of SimsalaGrimm on the children's channel Kika with a market share of 48%. We could hardly believe our success at that time! Other highlights included the completion of our SimsalaGrimm soundtrack album together with N'Sync and others, our cooperation with Shrek producer John Williams on Happily N'ever After, and, of course, the worldwide success we achieved with Deep Blue and Earth. A current highlight that gives us much joy is the SimsalaGrimm musical live tour.

Were there any special challenges you had to meet?

Stefan Beiten: The Berlin Animations Fund (BAF) comes to mind. Macroeconomic developments in 2001 and 2002 had a major impact on us, as they did on all other market participants. The demise of the New Market at that time and the insolvency of Kirch Group, of course, had an effect on our studio partners and the entire production process. The resulting losses also hit us hard personally.

The fact is, however, that we were right about the integrated business concept. In cooperation with German and international animation studios we built up production capacities in Berlin. Unlike many other media funds, the BAF concept, a genuine operational production unit, also held up from a tax perspective. Despite many differences that naturally arose in connection with the restructuring, Dresdner Bank, the bank that had initiated the funds (later Allianz and then Commerzbank), acknowledged the value of our contribution and services.

What would you do differently today?

Nikolaus Weil: No doubt, I would much more follow my own business acumen and listen less to so-called advisors. Unfortunately, they were wrong to often in the past.

Things have become rather quiet around Greenlight Media in recent years. Why?

Nikolaus Weil: It has always been our goal to implement a small number of projects, but projects that are valuable and have longevity. Currently, our focus is to take pre-existing projects to a new stage of evolution. The successful SimsalaGrimm musical is a good example. More than 100,000 visitors have seen the musical alone in Germany. We are also looking at cutting-edge digitalization and dimensionalization technology. Our development activities include the potential use of 3-D technology and CGI for new sequel productions or re-releases. Another very attractive field is the creation of apps based on our brands. There are many examples in the area of children and family entertainment where apps have generated greater media reach than primary TV or movie theater exploitation.

In addition, we have increased our activities in the area of social responsibility. In addition to past projects supporting children in need, we support new efforts today, such as the Cinema Jenin, a media initiative in the West Gaza territory. We also support the B'tselem project, a documentation center for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories. B'tselem offers people an opportunity to receive basic onsite training in the production of short films. This way, any resident has the potential of becoming a journalist or filmmaker and of bringing reality to the world. Using media content, we believe, we can do much to integrate and protect human rights.

In addition, we are now also involved in projects and companies other than those of Greenlight Media. This includes shareholdings in exciting startups, as well as in U.S. mobile phone infrastructure companies.

How have you developed or changed personally?

Stefan Beiten: We have experienced a lot, much of which we did not think was even possible. Those challenges provided us with an opportunity for growth. The good thing is: you become more mature, more stoic, and you develop a better sense of what is really important.

What are the plans of Greenlight Media, and what are your personal plans for the future?

Nikolaus Weil: We are currently reviewing different strategic options of adding complementary, suitable partners to Greenlight Media. We are currently also renewing a number of different distribution relationships with companies in other countries.

In the area of development we are concentrating on the continued exploitation of existing products using new digital technologies. In addition, we are currently negotiating the acquisition of film rights to an exciting novel in the espionage genre, a story that takes place during World War II. The result may be a magnificent live-action project that would be filmed mostly in Germany.

In your view how have the film industry and media market changed in the last 20 years, what has stayed the same, and how will the market change in the future?

Nikolaus Weil: Digitalization clearly has become fron and center. ITunes, mobile entertainment, and 3-D have had a major impact on global media market. Exploitation and distribution channels that formerly existed have literally died out. One example: the audio cassette tape for children. When we began to produce SimsalaGrimm in the mid-1990s, tapes probably were the most important form of sound carriers for children. Today, they no longer exist. The CD probably will eventually suffer the same fate, followed by the DVD. Online streaming is the entertainment medium of the future.

As a result of technological innovations, the entertainment market keeps reinventing itself. One must anticipate these developments as much as possible and make appropriate changes to one's exploitation strategy. The average household will receive ever improving bandwidth and Internet access. Mobile devices are rapidly changing consumer behavior. As a producer and rights holder, you have to take all this into consideration. This also changes the parameters and requirements of the financing market. At the end, high-quality content will always find its rightful place.

What would be your advice to young start-up filmmakers?

Stefan Beiten: Nothing is as constant as change. As an entrepreneur you constantly have to stay flexible, adapt to changing market demands, or, better yet, stay one step ahead of the market.

Japan purchases Deep Blue VOD demand rights

05/02/2013 - 12:30


Avex Entertainment, Inc., a subsidiary of the Japanese entertainment group Avex Group Holding, purchased the video-on-demand rights to Greenlight Media's bestseller Deep Blue.

Within the group, Avex Entertainment Inc. is responsible for the production and planning of music and videos of artists. In addition, the company is responsible for the management of all artists. The group also includes Verlfarre Entertainment, Inc., which is responsible for managing discotheques and restaurants of the group. M!DEA, Inc., is responsible for the planning of video software.

Return of the fairy tale heroes of SimsalaGrimm

04/16/2013 - 14:00


The first fairy tale musical SimsalaGrimm, based on the Greenlight Media animated series, was a success among audiences and critics alike. The colorful mixture of a variety of Grimm fairy tales, coupled with a good dose of comedy and captivating music, will now continue in fall 2013.

You will find additional information at www.cocomico.de.

   Sangerhausen (Mammuthalle)

 Potsdam (Nikolaisaal)

Andernach (Mittelrhein-Halle Andernach)

Andernach (Mittelrhein-Halle Andernach)

  Husum (Neue Messehalle)

Siegburg (Rhein-Sieg-Halle)

Heilbronn (Harmonie)

Mosbach (Alte Mälzerei)

  A-Amstetten (Johann-Pölz-Halle)

  Dillingen (Stadtsaal)

  Saarbrücken (Congresshalle)

Hockenheim (Stadthalle)

  Albstadt (Thalia-Theater)

Berlin (UdK)

  Freiburg (Konzerthaus)

  Recklinghausen (Festspielhaus)

Lünen (Heinz-Hilpert-Theater)

  Lünen (Heinz-Hilpert-Theater)

  Aurich (Stadthalle)

  Cloppenburg (Stadthalle)

  Erfurt (Messehalle)


  Papenburg (Stadthalle)


  Bremen (Die Glocke)


  Mönchengladbach (Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle)


  Dingolfing (Stadthalle)


A-Telves (Rathaussaal)


Magdeburg (Stadthalle)


  Goch (Kultur-& Kongresszentrum KASTELL)


  Lüdenscheid (Kulturhaus)


  Bergheim (Medio.Rhein.Erft)

  Alsdorf (Stadthalle)


Köln (Theater am Tanzbrunnen)


  Grefrath (Eissporthalle)


Troisdorf (Veranstaltungshalle)


Lübeck (Musik u. Kongresshalle)


  Hannover (Theater am Aegi)


  Baden- Baden (Kurhaus)

INTERVIEW with Nikolaus Weil, co-producer of SimsalaGrimm, by the newspaper Stadtkurier

04/04/2013 - 13:45


When old meets new

Nikolaus Weil, managing director of Greenlight Media and co-producer of SimsalaGrimm, talks to the Stadtkurier.

SK: What should the audience in Freiburg expect from SimsalaGrimm on April 21?

Nikolaus Weil: Popular, tried and true Grimm's fairy tales with a little twist. Fairy tales that introduce some new elements, but in the end are old-fashioned. Fairy tales that have a happy ending. A story narrated in exciting fashion and accompanied by great music.

SK: How did this idea, about?

Nikolaus Weil: The SimsalaGrimm series featuring the adventures of Yoyo and Doc Croc has now been around for more than 10 years. My partner of 20 years, Stefan Beiten, and I developed this concept in the mid-1990s with our company Greenlight Media and ultimately produced the series. After the Bible, Grimm's fairy tales is the most read book. In the past, the only film versions were Disney films and live action films. But there was no animated series. Our intention was not to radically change Grimm's fairy tales, but to add something new. That's were Yoyo and Doc Croc come in. Somewhere along the line the idea arose to produce a musical in cooperation with Sony Music. The whole thing is staged masterfully by Cocomico in Cologne.

SK: How long has the musical been on tour now?

Nikolaus Weil: For one and a half years. The musical has been shown all over Germany, from Flensburg to Garmisch, from East to West. I had the pleasure of seeing the musical in Dresden. Overall, the musical has been seen by about 80,000 theatergoers. We are very happy that the musical is so successful, especially considering that children nowadays are digitalized at an early age.

SK: Is it good thing if children are familiar with the fairy tales by the Grimm brothers?

Nikolaus Weil: Fairytales are still part of the standard repertoire, the good night stories parents read to the children. One of our objectives is to promote an important  part of the German heritage. Even films from Hollywood continue to feature Grimm fairy tales. They are stories about good and evil. Basic values are turned upside down and then restored by heroes resulting in a happy ending.

SK: What are the roles of Yoyo and Doc Croc?

Nikolaus Weil: Yoyo and Doc Croc are the main characters. They appear in all episodes. Ultimately, they are responsible for producing a happy ending. They are also the heroes in the musical. Our target group are children between the ages of two to seven. We are in competition with less traditional characters, such as SpongeBob. Yoyo is the mischievous kid, whereas Doc Croc is smart and knowledgeable. One could say that they are polar opposites: the way a child wants to be, and the way a child should be.

SK: Were the songs of the musical composed specifically for the musical?

Nikolaus Weil: Yes, the musical score was composed and arranged completely from scratch. We are very happy with the end result. Music was always an important element of the series.

SK: Does the musical target a younger audience? Are there also interactive elements?

Nikolaus Weil: Yes, there are scenes with elements that interactively include children. There must be certain dynamics for children, that's part of it.

SK: What are your hopes for the future of SimsalaGrimm?

Nikolaus Weil: The tour will end in May. Then there will be a creative break. A new tour is scheduled to start at the end of the year. The fairy tale material offers so many dramaturgical elements. Conceivably, there may be a third season, Christmas special or theatrical film. The stage play is good practice. There is much to experiment with, and it helps to have resonance with the audience.

For now, I hope that the audience in Freiburg will enjoy the musical. I attended university in Freiburg and very much enjoyed my time there.

Deep Blue in the name of science

02/03/2013 - 12:15


In the name of environmental science research the producers of Greenlight Media gave a free license for Deep Blue to the multimedia library Environment & Society.

The Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society in Munich is a joint initiative of Munich's Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and Deutsches Museum, and is supported by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

The Environment & Society portal for environmental sciences provides international scientists, students and the general public with free access to digital materials from various areas of environmental science research.

SimsalaGrimm licenses sold to Columbia

12/01/2012 - 15:15


The Colombian film distributor Primetime Media acquired the free TV rights to the hit series SimsalaGrimm (seasons I and 2) by Greenlight Media for a term of three years.

Sony BMG Music Entertainment acquires SimsalaGrimm sound recording rights

12/01/2012 - 15:15


Greenlight Media, under the management of Nikolaus Weil and Stefan Beiten, sold the sound recording rights to the hit children's series SimsalaGrimm to Sony BMG Music Entertainment in December 2012.

SimsalaGrimm Musical Performance Dates – Spring 2013

12/01/2012 - 15:00



05.01. (2x)    Traunreut - k1                                                         

06.01.            Erfurt - Kaisersaal                                            

12.01.            Schwerin - Capitol                                                   

13.01.            Rostock - StadtHalle                                           

26.01.            Frankfurt/Oder - Messehalle 1                                       

27.01.            Neubrandenburg - Konzertkirche                                       


10.02.            Oldenburg - Weser-Ems-Halle                               

16.02.            Lübeck - Musik- und Kongreßhalle                   

23.02.            Tönisvorst - Forum Corneliusfeld                             

24.02.            Brunsbüttel - Elbeforum                                              


09.03.            Selb - Rosenthal-Theater                               

10.03.            Gersthofen - Stadthalle                                             

16.03.            Bergisch-Gladbach - Bürgerhaus Bergischer Löwe              

17.03.            Geldern - Aula im Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium                                          


10.04.            Dinslaken - Stadthalle                                             

21.04.            Freiburg - Konzerthaus     


Yoyo and Doc Croc on KiKa and ORF eins

11/01/2012 - 15:15

The children's channel KiKa and the channel ORF aired the popular children's series SimsalaGrimm in the weeks before Christmas. The first episode, "The Brave Little Tailor," aired on KiKa on November 18 at 7:25 p.m.


Market Watch

Here you will find selected background reports, publications and commentaries on current developments in the media market of special relevance to projects of Greenlight Media.

BBC Worldwide Revenues Dip

08/06/2014 - 08:15

LONDON: BBC Worldwide's 2013-14 Annual Review shows a 6.6-percent drop in revenues from the previous year to £1.04 billion ($1.8 billion), but the commercial division did up its returns to the BBC by 11.4 percent to £173.8 million ($296.6 million).

Investment in BBC-commissioned content was also up, by 19.5 percent to £88.9 million ($151.7 million). Headline profit at BBC Worldwide was stable at £157.4 million ($268.7 million).

Commenting on the review, Tim Davie, the CEO of BBC Worldwide, noted: "We have met significant milestones: launching and starting to implement a new strategy; operating as a regionalized organization for the first full year; increasing financial returns to our shareholder, the BBC; and delivering full year profit growth, even after the effects of the strength of sterling."

Davie stated the drop in revenues reflected a "new commercial arrangement for BBC.com, resulting in lower revenue at BBC Worldwide, and last year’s disposal of Lonely Planet. Adjusting for these, our sales performance was broadly flat. Within this, we saw growth from digital clients, advertising sales as well as emerging markets, which offset challenges including pressure on U.S. and U.K. affiliate fees and declining DVD markets. I am particularly encouraged by an improvement in our headline profit margin from 14 percent to 15.1 percent. This is a record for the business."

Davie reflected on the "mixed" market conditions during the year. "The primary and secondary markets for premium TV programs remained robust, helped by a rise in digital services and competition for high-end content. A positive outlook for global pay-TV growth disguises significant variations between markets....This growth is driven by a rapid increase in customer base in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American markets, and offset by slower growth in more mature markets, where carriage negotiations are increasingly challenging. The global DVD market continues to face rapid decline, driven by falling consumer demand, with the rise of cheaper and proliferating digital alternatives, and general downward pressure on consumer spending in much of the developed world."

Davie concluded: "We end the year with a clear strategy and an ambition to deliver sustainable year-on-year growth in financial returns to our parent.... As we look into 2014/15, we are presented with both the challenges and opportunities that come from rapid market development, as incumbents look to secure existing revenue streams in the face of new services and new entrants. We will seek to maximize our total business—helped by being independent of any one platform or pay mechanism—while building our BBC brands and consumer connections for the future. This year will see us step up investment in BBC.com and commence the roll out of three new global genre brands, and launch BBC Store. I am nonetheless confident that we will deliver further returns to our shareholder over the course of the year."

Will Dr. Barry Sandrew from Legend3D convert you to conversion?

10/30/2013 - 03:15

At 3D Stereo MEDIA 2011, the late Ray Zone said that 2D cinema was a historical mistake, and that movies should never have been 2D in the first place! Fortunately, several bright people have rushed to the bedside of the flat patients to insufflate new life to them. Does it take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to do this? Definitely! Barry Sandrew indeed started as a neuroscientist in the science and technology Skunk Works of Boston.

Barry will tell you why scientists bring a special, oblique perspective to the problem. Their training in a field other than cinema allows them to think out of the proverbial box.

BBCWW Chief Unveils New Strategy

10/18/2013 - 03:15

Tim Davie, CEO of BBC Worldwide, unveiled his vision for the organization today, including plans to up investment in content, rebranding some of its global channels and nixing the further international rollout of the iPlayer.

Netflix Eyes Original Docs, Stand-Up Specials

07/23/2013 - 03:00

On the heels of the first set of Netflix originals earning 14 Emmy Award nominations, the online entertainment outfit has revealed that it is looking to broaden its original content to include feature documentaries and stand-up comedy specials.

Social Responsibility

Our world is increasingly facing economic, socio-political and ecological challenges.

For several years now Greenlight Media has increasingly invested in social responsibility projects of various non-profit organizations of major importance. Greenlight Media is proud to support projects promoting peace initiatives in the embattled Middle East, such as B'tselem and Cinema for Jenin.

Valuable media content can provide much more than just good entertainment. Media can help convey important messages to a broad audience even more effectively through an emotional experience.

Cinema for Jenin

12/05/2013 - 14:30

Cinema for Jenin can be traced back to the documentary A Heart for Jenin by Marcus Vetter and Leon Geller, which was awarded the German Film Price. The film tells the story of Palestinian Ismail Khatib from Dschenin, who donates the organs of his son, who was shot by Israeli soldiers, to Israeli children.

"Movies for peace" – this is the claim made by the initiative Cinema Jenin. With help from numerous public and private supporters – among them the Office of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, Pink Floyd vocalist Roger Waters, and the airline Air Berlin – the association, which is headquartered in Tübingen, was able to reopen one of the largest and most impressive movie theaters in the region – the Cinema Jenin, which had been closed since the first intifada in the year 1987.

The background is a larger goal yet. The association expanded the movie theater infrastructure in the crisis-wracked region: By now, the Cinema Jenin project includes a guest house, an open-air movie theater, as well as a cafeteria with a garden. The next step is the construction of a sound and synchronization studio, in order to make European art house and independent productions available to people in the Arabic world. Since 2011, Cinema Jenin  has hosted a week-long international film festival on location.

Both projects share the goal of promoting human rights and integration through media content in one of the most politically explosive regions of the world.


12/05/2013 - 14:30

B'tselem is a NGO for human rights that was founded by prominent academicians, lawyers, journalists and members of the Knesset in the year 1989. The goal is to document human rights violations in the occupied territories and to inform the Israeli public and legislature of these violations. When collecting data it makes no difference whether the violations are committed by Israelis or Palestinians. The primary goal of the organization is to change Israel policy in the occupied territories and to ensure that Israel protects the rights of the local population.

B'tselem trains residents of the occupied territories in the use of media technology, teaching practical, basic skills for the production of videos (production of interviews, sound, editing).


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